GREEN BOOK, FREE SOLO, VOX LUX for the holidays

Good Morning From Asbury Park!


GREEN BOOK: Held over for the holidays, this feel-good story about The Green Book – written to help Black people navigate the safest way to vacation in the deep south – the clash of cultures, family values and a road trip with 2 very different men.  Suddenly out of work, Viggo Mortensen portrays a lower middle class bouncer, Tony (Lip) Vallelonga, who has a chance to make some fast money in the weeks before Christmas.  Tony is driving the very particular Dr. Don Shirley (Mahershala Ali) who is a black, internationally trained, aloof, classical pianist fronting his own popular trio, on a tour through the southern US. In contrast, Tony, a white, Bronx Italian, and a family first kind-of-guy, gets a chance to examine his own biases.  While Tony struggles to understand the confusing protocol of elite entertainment and blatant racism, his street-wise expertise and loyalty creates a reluctant relationship with the imperious Dr. Shirley.  Nominated for the Golden Globe for Best Picture, and earning a Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor for Mortenson and Ali respectively. This is a ‘can’t miss’ film for anyone looking to stay up to date as we move deeper into the awards season.

“This is an expertly-acted, perfectly telegraphed message movie that knows the buttons it’s pushing, and pushes them all, right on cue.  This is not a knock against it, its a compliment.” – Adam Graham, Detroit News.LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER

VOX LUX: Her singing career born from a violent tragedy, teenage Celeste and her sister Ellie are quickly thrust into pop superstardom. In her adult life, Celeste struggles with navigating her evolving career as a music artist, and raising her own teenage daughter. Starring Academy Award winner Natalie Portman in a stunning performance that is generating a lot of buzz. An official selection at this year’s Venice Film Festival, VOX LUX is a striking pop epic that is sure to leave a lasting impression. “‘Vox Lux’ is an audacious story about a survivor who becomes a star, and a deeply satisfying, narratively ambitious jolt of a movie.” Manohla Dargis, The New York Times. LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER.

FREE SOLO: Back by popular demand, this exciting rock climbing documentary makes its return to The Showroom. Now appearing on the Academy Awards shortlist for Best Documentary, the story of Alex Honnold’s free-solo climb of El Capitan is back to take your breath away. Don’t know what a free solo climb is? It means no ropes; and when you’re climbing El Capitan, a structure that is over 7,500 ft. high, climbing with no ropes is no laughing matter. “A documentary that’s fascinated with its subject without being reverent, one that’s beautifully photographed without ignoring the horrifying consequences lurking if he fails.” David Sims, The Atlantic. LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER

NO EXCUSES, SHOP SMALL:  There’s only one Saturday left to take advantage of FREE PARKING in Asbury Park, between 12pm and 6pm on December 22. So why not come to town, get your last-minute shopping done, gift cards at The ShowRoom make really worthwhile gifts, and then stop in for a movie? And if you’re staying in town for the holiday, don’t forget to take advantage of FREE PARKING ALL DAY on Christmas as well.

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS: We want to wish you and yours a happy and healthy holiday.  Our theater will be open every day over the holidays.  If you are looking for some peace during the hectic shopping and party hangovers, stop into one of our 3 comfortable, right-sized theaters and enjoy as you watch one of our great movies, YOU deserve it!  

FUTURE FILMS WE ARE ANTICIPATING: Movies listed as “Coming Soon” are films The ShowRoom Cinema would like to present and is actively trying to book. However, we don’t always know if or when we will be able to actually get them from distributors. We set showtimes on a week-by-week basis and will announce them as soon as we can confirm them. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We look forward to bringing these films to THE SHOWROOM CINEMA and want you to know how much you support our theater by seeing them with us: THE FAVOURITE; BEN IS BACK; WELCOME TO MARWEN;  ON THE BASIS OF SEX; AT ETERNITY’S GATE;  IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK;  THE OSCAR NOMINATED SHORTS.


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