Good Morning From Asbury Park!

ROMA: Director of Alfonso Cuaron‘s magnum opus makes its way to The ShowRoom Cinema opening TODAY (1/25)! Now a 10-TIME ACADEMY AWARD NOMINEE. Based on Cuaron’s own childhood growing up in Mexico, it follows the story of an indigenous maid named Cleo, and the lighter skinned, affluent family that she cares for. Critics and audiences agree: the bestway to see Roma is on the big screen, with fully immersive sound. And you won’t see this film playing in any of the large multiplexes; most, if not all of the big chain theaters have PASSEDon showing Roma. We will be one of the onlytheaters in the area showing this film, in the way that it is meant to be presented. To see the mastery, critics are saying see it twice.

Starring Oscar-nominee for Best Actress Yalitza Aparicio, and Oscar-nominee for Best Supporting Actress Marina de Tavira. Also nominated for: Best PictureBest Directorfor Alfonso Cuaron, Best Foreign Language FilmBest CinematographyBest Production DesignSound EditingSound Mixing, and Best Original Screenplay. “So full of dazzlingly intricate visual poetry, so teeming with sensory spirit, that trying to review it is a bit like trying to review all of life. Which may sound a bit grandiose, but Cuarón’s magnum opus provokes such turgid sentiment.” – Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair. LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER.

THE FAVOURITE: The female, acting powerhouse of Awards season finally makes its way to Asbury Park! This period piece from director Yorgos Lanthimos has also been NOMINATED FOR 10 ACADEMY AWARDS. It is based on the life of Queen Anne of Britain (Olivia Colman), at the time in the early 1700’s when her country is at war with France. Queen Anne is in poor health, so her friend and trusted adviser Sarah Churchill (Rachel Weisz) essentially runs the country. Things are upended, however, when Sarah’s cousin Abigail Hill (Emma Stone) arrives seeking work. Nominated for Best PictureBest Actress for Olivia Colman, Best Supporting Actress for Emma Stone, Best Supporting Actress for Rachel Weisz, Best Original ScreenplayBest Director for Yorgos Lanthimos, Best CinematographyBest Costume DesignBest Editing, and Production Design. “The Favourite is a pleasure to watch. It’s weird without being alienating, dirty without being cheap. And you’d be hard-pressed to find a better acting trio this awards season.” – Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair.  LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER

STAN & OLLIE: Based on the later lives of the world’s most famous comedy duo, Laurel & Hardy. The duo embarks on a cross-country tour of post-war Britain, all while trying to reignite their now struggling film career. Integration of actual footage of the two plus photos merge the real with the re-creation excellently.  Starring BAFTA nominee Steve Coogan, and Golden Globe nominee John C. Reilly. “A loving biopic with affectionate impersonations… Charming and funny, a sweet story about friendship and collaboration.” – Eric D. Snider, Crooked Marquee. LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER

FREE SOLO: One of the most acclaimed documentaries of 2018 adds an ACADEMY AWARD nomination to its list of accolades. Nominated for Best Documentary Feature, FREE SOLO is the story of rock climber Alex Honnold, as he climbs El Capitan in Yosemite National Park with with no ropesand no safety equipment.  Ask any rock climber and they will say they know Honnold, he’s that much a presence.  “An eye-popping profile of an extraordinary athlete… Prepare for a lot of breath-holding and armrest-clutching.” – Eric D. Snider, Crooked Marquee   LEARN MORE AND WATCH THE TRAILER

SOLD OUT, EXTRA SHOW ADDED – JONI 75: A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. Joni Mitchell’s 75th birthday takes place on stage in concert for one night only on Sunday March 3rd @7:30P. LEARN MORE AND PURCHASE TICKETS.

THE SHOWROOM CINEMA BRADLEY BEACH:  Renovations continue at our newly acquired theater in Bradley Beach, NJ. We are as excited to get it open as you are! LATEST NEWS – Built in the early 1920’s, the theater is definitely full of surprises. After spending a king’s ransom on a new roof, yesterday was a perfect day to go around the theater and check for leaks (it was pouring rain and driving wind). We didn’t have to go far to discover other weaknesses in the structure. Seems while the roof is solid and the new leader and gutter system (yes, we had to add that too) works well, the corner pilasters of the building leak like a sieve. Time to call the masons for some repointing before interior walls go up. Stay tuned.

FUTURE FILMS WE ARE ANTICIPATING: Movies listed as “Coming Soon” are films The ShowRoom Cinema would like to present and is actively trying to book. However, we don’t always know if or when we will be able to actually get them from distributors. We set showtimes on a week-by-week basis and will announce them as soon as we can confirm them. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

We look forward to bringing these films to THE SHOWROOM CINEMA and want you to know how much you support our theater by seeing them with us:   AT ETERNITY’S GATE;  IF BEALE STREET COULD TALK;  THE OSCAR NOMINATED SHORTS; COLD WAR; MARY QUEEN OF SCOTS.


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