Herb & Dorothy 50×50

Herb___Dorothy_50X50_250Documentary; Rated NR; 87 min; 2013.  

When Herb and Dorothy Vogel, a retired postal clerk and librarian, began collecting works of contemporary art in the 1960s, they never imagined it would outgrow their one bedroom Manhattan apartment and spread throughout America. 50 years later, the collection is nearly 5,000 pieces and worth millions. Refusing to sell, the couple launches an unprecedented project to give a total of 2,500 artworks to museums in all fifty states.


“It’s an absorbing document of an extraordinary act of generosity.” – Chris Klimek, Village Voice

“As the saying goes, I may not know art, but I know what I like. I like this movie.” – Peter Sobczynski, RogerEbert.com








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