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somm_250Documentary; Rated NR, 93 min.; 2013. Post-film wine sampling reception.

A special one time screening brought to you by the Asbury Park Film Initiative, Langosta Lounge, Lush and The ShowRoom Cinema

Four men will do anything to pass the most difficult test you’ve NEVER heard of… SOMM takes the viewer on a humorous, emotional and illuminating look into a mysterious world – the Court of Master Sommeliers and the massively intimidating Master Sommelier Exam. The Court of Master Sommeliers is one of the world’s most prestigious, secretive, and exclusive organizations. Since its inception almost 40 years ago, less than 200 candidates have reached the exalted Master level. The exam coversliterally every nuance of the world of wine, spirits and cigars. Those who have passed have put at risk their personal lives, their well- being, and often their sanity to pull it off. Shrouded in secrecy, access to the Court Of Master Sommeliers has always been strictly regulated and cameras have never been allowed anywhere near the exam, until now. How much do you think you know about wine? SOMM will make you think again. SOMM takes you on the ultimate insider’s tour into a world of obsession, hope, and friendship in red, blanc and sometimes rose.



Somm – trailer [HD] (2013) Jason Wise… by myfilm-gr

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