BPM (Beats Per Minute)

Drama; NR; 140m. 

Early 1990s. With AIDS having already claimed countless lives for nearly ten years, ACT UP Paris activists multiply actions to fight general indifference. Nathan, a newcomer to the group, has his world shaken up by Sean, a radical militant, who throws his last bits of strength into the struggle.


“This film has what its title implies: a heartbeat. It is full of cinematic life.” – Peter Bradshaw, THE GUARDIAN


“The characters are so vivid, so real, so familiar that it’s impossible to think of their struggles — and in some cases their deaths — as unfolding in anything but the present tense.” – A.O. Scott, NEW YORK TIMES


“The beauty of BPM, and what connects its hard-fought, well-remembered battles to those of the present, lies in its willingness to embrace life in all its messiness, its refusal to pretend that the personal isn’t also political and vice versa.” – Justin Chang, LOS ANGELES TIMES


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