De Palma

de_palma_250Documentary; Rated NR; 107M. 

A documentary about writer and director Brian De Palma.

“You don’t have to love De Palma’s movies to find De Palma a fascinating look at a vital period of American film history, through the eyes of a controversial artist.” – Alonso Duralde – THE WRAP

“De Palma is a joy: a hit of garrulous cinephile cocaine so pure you want to do a Tony Montana, fall face-first into it and inhale it all in one go.” – Jessica Kiang, THE PLAYLIST

“Acolytes of Brian De Palma’s flavorful, flamboyant filmography hardly need reminding of his acrobatic ability as a visual storyteller; what they’ll learn from De Palma is that in front of the camera, he’s a pretty marvelous raconteur, too.” – Guy Lodge, VARIETY






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