Horror Church presents Frankenstein

Horror; NR; 70m.  

Sunday, August 19th at 11:00 AM. TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW

“Frankenstein” is a film about a mad, obsessed scientist, Dr. Henry Frankenstein”, who creates a monster, by taking body parts from dead people. Upon placing a brain inside the head of the monster, Henry and his assistant Fritz are amazed that the experiment is alive. When the monster mistakenly kills Maria, a young girl he meets down by the river, the town is up in arms and aims to bring the monster to justice. They find the monster and his creator in an old windmill, where the monster is attempting to kill his maker.

“The most influential horror film ever made, this stark and stylish work has a weird fairytale beauty.” – Elliott Stein, VILLAGE VOICE

“One of the most deservedly famous and chilling horror films of all time.” – Don Druker, CHICAGO READER

“Frankenstein’s “it’s alive!” moment has left more of an imprint upon science fiction and horror filmmaking than any other big-screen scene before or since.” – Sarah Ward, FLICKS.COM.AU


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