Marjorie Prime

Drama/Mystery; NR; 98m

STARRING: Azumi Tsutsui, Bill Walters, Geena Davis, Hana Colley, Hannah Gross, Jon Hamm, Leslie Lyles, Lois Smith, Stephanie Andujar, Tim Robbins

In the near future, a time of artificial intelligence: 86-year-old Marjorie (Lois Smith)—a jumble of disparate, fading memories—has a handsome new companion (Jon Hamm) who looks like her deceased husband and is programmed to feed the story of her life back to her. What would we remember, and what would we forget, if given the chance?


“The sci-fi chamber drama Marjorie Prime is exquisite — beautiful, intense, shivering with empathy.” – David Edelstein, NEW YORK MAGAZINE


“Beautiful untruths and half-truths abound in Michael Almereyda’s quietly shimmering new movie.” – Justin Chang, LOS ANGELES TIMES


“There’s more going on in this movie’s 90-plus minutes than in many summer blockbusters nearly twice its length.” _ Glenn Kenny, NEW YORK TIMES




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