Stop Making Sense

Documentary/Music; Rated NR; 88m; 1984.   

ONE NIGHT ONLY – July 19th @ 7:30P.  PURCHASE TICKETS HERE. An Art House Celebration of Jonathan Demme.

There are so many ways we want to remember director Jonathan Demme, who passed away in April. One of the best we can think of is to show this masterpiece of a performance film—and we’ll crank it all the way up, just as Jonathan would have wanted. Art house theaters across the country join us on this date in screening Stop Making Sense in his memory.

Has there ever been a better performance film, one as vibrant as this?  Jonathan Demme made his documentary debut with this infectious masterpiece showcasing the Talking Heads, just after their big mainstream success with the album Speaking in Tongues and the single “Burning Down the House.” You don’t even need to be a Talking Heads fan to love Stop Making Sense.


Stop Making Sense is director Jonathan Demme’s remarkable concert film that captures the enormous energy and joyous highs of the Talking Heads live performance. Band members David Byrne, Tina Weymouth, Chris Frantz and Jerry Harrison are joined by Bernie Worrell, Alex Weir, Steve Scales, Lynn Mabry and Edna Holt in this groundbreaking concert film that is packed with the Talking Heads most memorable songs. Wall-to-wall music, beautiful cinematography and the legendary “Big Suit” make this “one of the greatest rock movies ever made”


“By common consensus, Stop Making Sense is the best concert film ever made.” – TV GUIDE MAGAZINE

“Part aerobics workout, part self-styled dreamscape, Sense is a hyperactive piece of performance art that begins as the stripped-down dress rehearsal of a garage band and builds into a mighty, exhausting spectacle that shakes as much ass as it kicks.” – Wesley Morris, SAN FRANCISCO EXAMINER

“Stop Making Sense is so beautifully choreographed that in some ways it’s more like theater than a rock show.” – Andrew O’Hehir, SALON




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