Teatro alla Scala: The Temple of Wonders

Teatro-alla-Scala_250Documentary; Rated NR; 96M, 2016. 

Sunday August 14th @ 1:30P and Tuesday August 16th @ 1:30 Tickets on sale now.

Built between 1776 and 1778, the year of its inauguration, the teatro alla Scala in Milan has drawn major artists from the international music scene, turning immediately into the theatre of reference, the one every artist aspires to, the Mecca of music. to this day, performing at the Scala means consecrating a career in the eyes of the world.

Music critic John Gavazzeni wrote: “The pillars of world Opera repertoire are Italian: Verdi, Puccini, Rossini, Donizetti, Bellini – composers whose works have been performed the most all over the world. The symbol of all great conductors is an Italian, Arturo Toscanini. They were all launched or consecrated in one place: at the ‘Teatro alla Scala’, as well as the careers of great sopranos like Renata Tebaldi and Maria Callas, and of directors like Visconti, Zeffirelli and Strehler”. Teatro alla Scala 4k – The Temple of Wonders is a journey through time and space to discover a marvellous place, where the most glorious pages in the history of music, opera and ballet have been written.

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