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The ShowRoom Cinema Expands to Bradley Beach

The ShowRoom Cinema intends to purchase The Beach Cinema of Bradley Beach, expanding its well-regarded arthouse brand established in Asbury Park to this neighboring Monmouth County town. The sale will close the doors of the 1920’s-era theater, which will undergo initial minor upgrades, re-opening as the The ShowRoom Cinema Bradley Beach sometime in January of 2019. A more ambitious renovation is planned for 2020.

Continuing to keep the building operating as a movie theater has been the intention of John Esposito, who has owned the theater for the last 40 years. “We’re pleased John thought of us when he was ready to sell,” said ShowRoom co-founder Mike Sodano. “Thanks to our staff and all those who support us, we are able to realize this expansion. This opportunity will provide us with additional seats at a point when our audience is growing and Bradley Beach is flourishing.”

“Renovation will evolve over time, we expect to update the cinema and retain the charm of a downtown independent theater, “ described ShowRoom co-founder Nancy Sabino. “We understand the Beach Cinema has a year-round loyal audience and we want to keep them returning to enjoy quality, first-run cinema. During the construction phase, we invite them to join us in Asbury Park until their neighborhood theater is back on line,” concluded Sabino.

Short-range goals for The ShowRoom Cinema Bradley Beach include new seating and a contemporary lobby environment. Longer range, the single-screen theater will be converted into three comfortable auditoriums, with the larger of the three taking advantage of the existing stage for performances, lectures and events.

The ShowRoom Cinema was established in Asbury Park in 2009, as a single screen store front cinema. It expanded into its current, 3 screen space at 707 Cookman in 2012, with a mission to present relevant and provocative movies and events that engage audiences for a memorable experience.

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